Forum Post on Computational thinking

Below is one of the first blog posts I made for this class. I still think that CT is important and I have utilised it consistently throughout the semester.
Computational Thinking
by Jessica Sarah Osburn – Friday, August 31, 2018, 1:29 PM

Computational thinking is a method used to dissect problems and find generalized solutions to them. Computational thinking is based on computer science concepts comprising algorithmic thinking, decomposition, abstraction and pattern recognition. The process involves analyzing a problem, breaking it down into more approachable parts, discarding irrelevant elements, and finally identifying patterns. 

It is important to recognize that Computational Thinking is not just confined to Computer Science, but that it is a multi-disciplinary skill. Many students already utilize CT in their everyday learning, but equipping them with the language of computational thinking will enable them to identify connections with other disciplines and optimize their use of CT. Teachers can actively implement CT in their classrooms by challenging students with problem-based activities and situating these problems within a real-world context.