Digital Divide Debate

In class we did a debate on the digital divide. The prompt was:

To be fully prepared to compete in the global economy, students need all of their teachers to regularly use technology to have them communicate, collaborate, create, and critically think.

A lego visual of the digital divide that I made in our class on challenges


Below is a segment from my group’s document which details the argument that I made for this debate: the argument that I made for this debate:

  • Tech is a crutch for students apps/websites supply quick, accessible answers for problems that a student should actually be thinking about in greater depth
  • Additionally, information that is available online can be false, not backed up by research etc. It is increasingly difficult to decipher what information is legitimate and what is not. The information that is most popular on the internet isn’t necessarily the most nuanced or evidence-based. Knowledge can start to reflect popular culture rather than science. If students only use the internet to find information they may lose rigour in their research and find it difficult to apply themselves to problems that cannot be answered by the click of a button.